A Psalm of Reflection


 Aaron David Brown

Excellent is thy greatness O God.
Wonderful is thy majesty, Lord Jehovah.

Manifest the wonders of thy glory in the midst of your people.
Let your Shekinah fill the longing hearts.

Immerse us in the cleansing power of thy blood.
Wash our hearts with the efficacy of thy salvation through thy Word.

With overflowing hearts of gratitude, we acknowledge your multiplicity of blessings.
Through  cascading tears of joy, we walk in the wonder of your way.

In privileged mercy we approach thy throne for the manifestation of your will in the hearts of man.
Through your grace we beseech thee to heal the afflicted, bring the wandering souls from the deep dungeons of sin, cancel the strategic onslaught of the enemy,  dispel the dark clouds of self-sufficiency in the minds of the mighty, exalt the lowly and feeble in heart, trouble the complacent, draw the wayfaring will into the channels of continual commitment, save everywhere the souls that are footsteps from the doorway of destruction, loose the chains of oppression, and break the fetters of fear.

From the secret place of eternity hear our prayer.
In the unapproachable ways of the mystery of thy divine favor, now incline thyself and answer our petitions. Give us to say ‘Yes’ to thy will and thy way.

Perfect the ‘imago dei’ in the portraits of our proclamation.
We dedicate all that we are to all that you will it to be.

Now unto thee whose essence is being, whose wisdom exceeds the limits of linguistic learning, whose power prevails; the infinite, indescribable, inexhaustible, incomprehensible, indefatigable, immutable, and eternal God who cradles the creation in the confidence of his care, bountifully bless us, lovingly lead us, regeneratively respond to us, empower us in the ephemeral enigmas of our existence, position our pathways mirroring your pre-eminence and power, may the shadows of uncertainty pale before the dawn of thy deliverance, in every fleeting moment feed our longing souls with fresh manna from on high, and present us faithful and faultless before the throne of thy eternal glory, in Jesus’ name, AMEN. Selah.