• ECUMENICAL ENCOUNTERS - Some of these sites offer excellent study opportunities identifying BOTH sides of  controversial, doctrinal issues.  Please take the time and peruse the sites thoroughly with an open mind and may God bless you in the pursuit of  TRUTH (John 8:32). There is a great educational reward in following the LINKS on these websites. This will afford you a broad educational enrichment.  Please be prayerful and let the Holy Spirit be your instructor. We do not       necessarily endorse the individuals or all of the contents of the following sites.

  • For those who do not have extensive Bible software programs with commentaries, dictionaries, languages, concordances, maps, and various Bible versions, please start with the FREE programs listed below in the Bible Study Online Programs section.  The next section (BIBLE SOFTWARE) can be purchased.  PCSTUDY BIBLE V5 is an excellent program! Study yourself as Paul instructed Timothy (2 Timothy 2:15).